Thursday, August 26, 2010

week three homeschool what have you...

I don't know what to call a homeschool post.

Just a bit of something about what we have done-or haven't done.

My feelings about it all

anything funny about it--or interesting

This is how it has gone so far

We are at the end of our third week back.

We haven't been having Friday school days--one weekend we went to WV (our original homestate)

one weekend to the lake

And now TOMORROW-this friday we are going to Holiday World.

This place is located in the unlikely named Santa Clause IN.

More about that on Monday-After the trip.

Little Chaos is 4. He likes to do a little school. Usually we are walking through the house or he is running around my chair as he does it.

He can run very fast--as fast as the little boy in the incredibles-i know because he has told me this about 500 times.

So phys ed--totally covered for him. I think he ran 20 miles up and down our short hallway in one day.

He also knows the word Mat--we are using the Bob's books series to learn reading. That's all-just plain and simple-i had fancy stuff with the other kids. I saved it to use again--but you can't run around the house with a set of phonics tools. That one little red book is pretty portable though. Since running while reading seems to be REALLY important to him right now.

Mayhem is in 5th grade. He would like xbox 360 games to be added to the curriculum. He can point out a lot of interesting and educational things about the games. I have not been totally convinced that his theories are correct-so we are using Oak Meadow instead. I pretend he really enjoys it. He doesn't hate it though and is doing really well. It is pretty laid back-but covers a good amount of material in an interesting way. So, at least I'm not bored.

We have enjoyed reviewing grammar with Mad Libs--it has been fun. Mayhem has enjoyed using noons like "poop" and "eyeball". I am encouraging him to expand his vocabulary-we will see though.

So~~ its been a good year so far.

Next month we are adding "little acorn learning" it is mostly activities based-some fun things that I think both kids will be able to get something from.

so Yay! School!

this is a Smithsonian frog dissection kit. you build the frog and place it in a plastic mold and pour in a gelatin that creates a "frog" to dissect-pretty nifty.

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