Thursday, December 9, 2010

youngest boy

youngest boy
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the youngest boy is a busy fellow.
this is his day yesterday

1.wake up
2.find mom
4.find mom
5.request drink
6.request food 3 books
9.go outside to visit the dog who has been banished to the yard for tearing up trash in the kitchen.
10. change clothes
11. plant amaryllis bulb (this was a multi step process)
12. paint
13. stamp some cards with Christmas stamps
14. gather toys in a gift bag for connor
15. play video games lunch
17. put candy canes on Christmas tree
18. feed cats
19. harass cats while they try to eat
20. put cat in a box
21. play with blocks and army men
22. get bath
23. have a snack
24. play wit neighbor children and destroy bedroom
25. help clean up room
26. jump on couch
27. visit daddy while he's working

I bet he asked for 10 drinks yesterday and drew with chalk and at some point he took ALL the caps off ALL the markers at some point.He spent quite a while at the dinner table pushing food around and probably a ton of stuff I have already forgotten-but you get the whirlwind idea of the day for the littlest guy in the house.

the ginger bread house was actually from another day-equally as busy and full of stories about gingerbread babies and mommies and how its ok to eat a gingerbread house after you put all the candy on it.

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