Wednesday, April 27, 2011

homeschool planning post #3

I have a pile of curriculum and resources for next year.
I have purchased my hanging files and folders.
Everything was going to fit in a banker box style file holder-but I think I might have to break down and go for a full size crate.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a curriculum junkie? In a bad way. This year I did pretty well though. I kept telling myself that I could only do so much in a year without the children launching a small rebellion.

I can only plan so many things each day-each week-each month-each year.

My first step this year is going to be a class schedule of sorts.

I will be teaching 6th grade and Kindergarten. My original plan was to use Oak Meadow with both kids. I love Oak Meadow after about 3rd grade.
I decided to use a different approach for kindergarten this year. Something that fit my busy boy a little better.

We are using My Father's World Kindergarten instead. I am sure I will be changing some of the things about it-Since I do like the more artistic approach of the Waldorf educational style. I also like the work oriented style found in Montessori education. The curriculum is based around a science theme each week-and we love science around here. Especially those first years when science is all about the world around us. The youngest boy seems to need something a little bit academic.

Oak meadow takes the full year to introduce letters in Kindergarten and then moves slowly through the process f learning to read in 1st grade. The youngest already knows all of his letters and now to read basic words-so I needed something I could easily adjust for the skills he already has.

So back to this pile of books.

Our classes for next year will include:
History--which includes hands on art projects
Computer skills for my 6th grader
Nick jr boost for the youngest
both boys are going to learn piano basics this year.
6th grader has been taking guitar and Jam band which he will continue.
The youngest may start on the violin-if he shows an interest.

Our resources include:
Oak meadow 6th grade full curriculum
My father's world kindergarten curriculum
happy phonics (my favorite phonics program-it is hands on and game based)
various history pockets for the history topics we are covering
two different little lab sets to use with science
wee sing geography
instant immersion spanish (this program appears to be very similar to Rosetta stone but at a fraction of the price)
A+ computer programming class on cd rom-we started this program this year and will use it for a few years-it is actually written for adults-but my boy loves it and as long as he works through it slowly he seems to really get it.
various books to read that go along with the covered subjects.

Plan of attack:
break down each resource into lessons--how long will each resource take to complete?
Some will be used for more than one year.
pencil in basic time frames for the semesters.
Oak Meadow is easy to plan since the lessons are broken down into weeks-I will need to make a list of resources for each week and plug in our extra resources according to topic.
My fathers world is pretty much broken down the same way. I purchased it second hand from someone who only used the first week-so it came to me already neatly paper clipped by week.

So the plan today?
break out my handy planner-start with the basic semester plan and go from there.

Oh wait? have I told you about my planner yet?
It is very basic. published by a small company called ferg-n-us. Lots of writing space and easily adjustable for missed days since it is not predated.
I tried another planner one year. It was lovely-but it had a lot of different components to it and the complexity drove me batty so I soon abandoned it all together.

I need two separate planners-one for school and one smaller day planner to carry with me in my purse-I cannot combine the two. It just doesn't work for me.

I will take a few photos of my pile of stuff-just to give everyone a giggle-and so you know where to start looking if you never hear from me again.

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