Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I don't care if you breastfeed...

Dear new mom-I am sorry you must go through your day worrying about judgement while feeding your baby.

from a bottle.

I have 3 children. Two were breastfed. One was not.
I am glad I breast fed my youngest two. That was my first option for my oldest-but it did not happen.
I don't feel the least bit guilty about it though. Life is hard enough without that kind of baggage. There are women out there who want you to carry that burden of guilt around with you.

I cringe when hearing rants or reading forum posts by militant brestfeeding mothers. I participate in a natural parenting forum and some of the moms really get so lost in their judgements that they forget the boobs in uestion are attached to a person-with feelings-and a life-THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. They mention verbally snarking at complete strangers who are bottle feeding in public. Or throwing dirty looks-or just saving until they can get home and judge others online.

I was an extended breast feeding mom-as long as they wanted-on demand-blah blah blah.
Even in the midst of my own nursing bliss I could not find it in myself to judge another mother's decision.
The most important thing in a baby's life is a HAPPY mother. A consistant, caring mother who can get through the day without collapsing in a sobbing heap. If that means being able to take medications, or just having your body back to yourself after pregnancy then so be it.

My only bottle feeding stipulations are that you should hold your baby while feeding him/her.
If you cannot hold your baby then do not prop up the bottle.
Another person should feed the baby. It needs to be a person who is old enough to say things like "Wow! I have never seen the baby turn blue like that!" or "hey-should the milk be just pouring out of the bottle like that?"

Of course you are under no obligation to listen to me-but bottles are not boobies and they don't always work like they should. boobies don't always work like they should either-so I guess you should always try to remember that too :)

while I am pontificating-let me add--I ALSO DO NOT CARE IF YOU CIRCUMCISE YOUR BOY> nobody on the Internet should know this about your child. Would you want your son sharing the state of your Vag with other people over the Internet? I think not.


  1. I totally agree! And I am pretty sure parenting forums are the worst thing ever invented...but I can't stay off of them!AAAAAH! One of my favorite siggies from a parenting forum "I support baby feeding." :)

  2. I found your blog linking from another blog. You are so right! Parents can be very judgmental without even knowing the true story.

  3. You know I used to make a big deal about boob vs. bottle and since my wife bfed all 4 of our kids i alwasy thought I was the know it all. I would do blog post about it, talk trash to bottle moms and stuff and then one day my wife simply asked me if I have ever breastfed a baby? Well that let me know right there that I talk about what I dont know. So while I support breastfeeding, I guess i am in no position to talk trash or even discuss the boob vs. bottle debate. And you are right, just like you said on my blog (thanks by the way) parents do judge and I know I do and i think it happens often. I dont think it will ever change.

    Have a great day